Company Profile

Infore Holding Group Co.,Ltd ( Infore Group) was found in 1994, which is a diversified industrial investment holding group in rapidly developing stage. The headquarter of Infore Group is located in Shunde, Guangdong.

Throughout the ages, Infore Group is committed to building several leading industrial development platforms, based on the business model of “investment + industry”, with the mission of “ rooted in industry to create value”, aiming at becoming a first class diversified industrial investment holding group.

At present, the group industry includes environmental protection and high-end equipment, maternal and infant and large consumption, investment and asset management, culture and art, new materials of science and technology and owns listed company “Infore Environment” ( stock code: 000967 ) and “ Infore Material” ( stock code: 837705 ), as well as a series of famous brands at home and aboard, such as Infore, Zoomlion, VIKKI, Sunspace Science & Technology, Baby Bear,  Upwind Tech, Zhuanfeng and Huayi. The holding companies are distributed in Shunde, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wuhu, Shaoxing and Dandong.

In environmental protection and high-end equipment field, “Infore Environmental” has brought Yuxing Technology, Green Lander, Liangke Environmental and part of sewage treatment works and has formed leading comprehensive environmental protection platform covering environmental monitoring, environmental management and operation services, solid waste treatment, water treatment, hazardous waste treatment and soil restoration, through endogenous development of holding platform and epitaxial merger. After purchased Zoomlion, Infore Holding has the most complete environmental protection industry group in China and formed whole industry chain integrated platform covering environmental protection equipment, environmental monitoring, environmental governance and environmental operation services by distributing in Infore Environmental, Zoomlion Environmental, Yuxing Technology, Green Oriental and Upwind Tech. Close to the nature and touch green healthy life. Infore environmental makes future more beautiful.

In culture and artwork field, relying on Holly’s, Art Fair for College Students, Infore Media, artwork and finance, Infore works hard to create a cultural and pan-entertainment cultural platform, and push forward the cultural positive energy. Guangzhou Holly International Auction Co.,Ltd was found in 1994, which is one of Chinese auction market builders. Since its foundation, the company has held more than 1,000 auctions during 22 years. Holly’s is the sponsor of Art Fair for College Students. As an active architect of the basic market of Chinese art, Art Fair for College Students has set up a platform for the art creation and artistic exploration of the art majors. Established in 2016, Infore Media is committed to becoming the leader of creation of domestic Internet film and television media. Infore culture makes every soul laying on the sea of art.

In financial and asset management field, the business involves in equity and venture capital, securities investment. The company owns Infore Investment Management Co.,Ltd, the largest comprehensive private equity management platform in China. Infore enters into the market as sunshine private equity pioneer and aims at helping investors achieve steady wealth growth. Nowadays, Infore has become leading multi-billion level comprehensive private equity brand. At the same time, Infore Group and E Found became the largest shareholder of Guangdong Private Investment Stock Co.,Ltd. Infore Investment takes good care of customer’s wealth to create colorful life.

In infant & mom and large consumer field, we offer the best mom&infant products and service. Infore has the brands and authorization of Baby Bear, MIKOBOMI, Pourbebe, Baby Lele and Yunbaby. The company actively expands the industrial chain to promote deep integration of large consumer. At present, “Baby Bear” has covered 15 categories of products, more than 2000 brands, and has more than 220 company-owned stores. Infore infant& mom cares for the birth and growth of baby.

In technology new materials field, Guangdong Infore Material Technology Stock Co.,Ltd, the subsidiary of Infore Group, Continuously promotes the product upgrading, becoming the first supplier of new material components in many fields of automobiles and appliances. The company focuses on the development and manufacturing of metal power materials and becomes the partners of global famous automotive component supplier, including German Bosch Group and US. Bogwarner Group. Infore Material makes tomorrow more beautiful by technology.

Adhering to talent philosophy of people-oriented, Infore Group finds and cultivates leading talents and creates a career stage for them, so as to stimulate the development vitality of the enterprise, with the person-employing view of “ attract talents with development; gather talents with career; test talents with performance and make them success with share.”

As we are pursuing the economic development, Infore regards enterprise social responsibility as a enterprise value and goal, by cooperating with related enterprises, such as Midea Holding, Guangdong He Philanthropic Foundation and United Art Museum, aiming at repaying positively to the society and becoming a responsible citizen.


INFORE Profile

INFORE Profile


In 2018, it acquired a 17.55 % stake in Huaru Baina and became its largest shareholder.


Purchased Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology; Has the most comprehensive environmental protection industry group in China


Guangdong Infore Material Science & Technology Holding Co.,Ltd was officially listed.

“Zhejiang Shangfeng Stock Co.,Ltd” changed its name to “Infore Environment Science & Technology Group Co.,Ltd”

Brought stakes in “Guangzhou Huayi International Auction Co.,Ltd”

Found Infore Media and stepped into film culture industry

As top 6 shareholder, Infore participated in establishing Guangdong Private Investment Stock Co.,Ltd


“ Upwind Tech” brought 100% of the shares in Yuxing Science & Technology Development ( Shenzhen ) Co.,Ltd

Holding in “Green Orient Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd”, a leading waste incineration power company in China


“Infore Investment Management (Hongkong) Co.,Ltd got Hongkong Securities and Futures Commission No.9 Information Technology License


The foundation of headquarter building of Infore Group

Established “ Infore Capital”, a comprehensive private management company


Holding in “Baby Bear” and entered into Maternity-Baby-Children retail industry

The group officially changed its name to “Infore Holding Investment Group Co.,Ltd”

Established “ Guangdong Infore Investment Management Co.,Ltd; entered into private equity investment fund industry

Infore Holding ( Hongkong) Co.,Ltd was found.


Brought 25% of the shares in E Found Management Co.,Ltd and became the largest shareholder

Established “Shenzhen Heying Investment Management Co.,Ltd” and entered into private equity investment fund industry


Holding in “ Upwind Tech”, a listed company (000967), and entered into fan industry


The group realized the strategic transformation and completely withdrew from OEM manufacturing and household appliance circulation


Established Guangdong Infore Group Co.,Ltd; implemented collectivization operation;


Established “Guangdong Yingke Electronic Co.,Ltd”; entered into home appliances controller manufacturing field


Established “Guangdong Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd”, entered into home appliances circulation field


Established “Shunde Modern Industry Co.,Ltd” and involved in the manufacturing of small home appliance OEM

Chairman Speech

It has been 24 years since Infore started it business in 1994. Throughout the ages, Infore Group is committed to building several leading industrial development platforms, aiming at becoming a first class diversified industrial investment holding group. In recent years, a number of excellent enterprises in the industry has joined in Infore, including Upwind Tech, Baby Bear, Yuxing Science & Technology, Green Orient and Huayi International, which form industrial group covering finance, environmental protection, consumption, culture and new materials.

The growth of Infore can not leave the support from all sides, such as government, people from all walks of life, all infore staff and partners. At present, Infore has entered into a new development stage. But we should also be aware of the difference between Infore and other excellent enterprises in China. It is a time of rapid change. We hope we can have a long term view. Only the farsighted can we win the future. Infore people witness the growth of Infore with their passion and perspiration. In near future, we will create a more colorful future with dream and struggle.

As we advocate China dream, every Yingfeng staff has their dream. What we do is not only for ourselves, but for the world; We work for tomorrow, more for the future. Endeavor realizes dreams and makes achievements. Let us struggle together to create Infore dream.

Better future starts from here.

President of Infore Holding Group Co.,Ltd: Jianfeng HE

Corporate Culture


Rooted in industry to create value


Committed to building several leading industrial development platforms and becoming a first class diversified industrial investment holding group


Integrity:The pursuit of integrity is superior to other goals. Integrity is the soul of enterprise and the foundation of doing.

Specialty:With system thinking and rational analysis, focus on the excavation of growth opportunity and system optimization

Innovation:Persist in innovation and change; winning continuous developing momentum; achievement evergreen enterprise

Shareness:Share with staff, investor and partners to bring value

Operation philosophy:

Value discovery:Through professional research and analysis of valuable investment industry and opportunities

Value promotion:Share profit with investor, staff and society that value promotion brings

Talent philosophy:

morality-oriented:morality ranks first to select talents. Those who have not will be eliminated.

Performance-oriented:Performance represents ability, which is the only criterion to select talents.

Continuous learning:Encourage employees to keep lifelong learning. Only continuous learning can bring continuous improvement.

Cultural identity:Recognize, practice and disseminate common values and norms of behavior

Major relationship criteria:

enterprise and investor:responsible for every capital. Investor is the important part of enterprise development. The value growth of investment is the fundamental pursuit of Infore.

Enterprise and staff:win trust with character and ability; win return with contribution; help the employee development with platform

Enterprise and partner: honesty and trustworthiness; mutual respect; value growth; share together; transparent operation

Enterprise and society: comply with business ethics and social ethic; continuous innovation and change; actively create social wealth; respect rules and ecological harmony; committed to sustainable development