Infore mother and baby Mengmo Momo 2020 spring and summer baby clothing industry trend trend conference and 2020 Shenzhen Momi fashion spring and summer ordering conference ended successfully!

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In the midsummer, the enthusiasm. Recently, Yingfeng Group's maternal and child industry brand Mengmen Momi 2020 spring and summer baby clothing industry fashion trend conference and 2020 Shenzhen Momi fashion spring and summer order fair ended in Guangzhou! Mummon Momi brings the trend of the times, and rushes to the market, with a unique fashion show, infused with the charm of the millennium business. 

At the opening ceremony, Yan Bingyan, general manager of the Infore Group's maternal and child business unit, delivered a speech. He said that Infore Maternal and Child is very optimistic about the baby clothing industry, and has formed a multi-brand, omni-channel ecological strategy through self-construction, mergers and acquisitions, agency and investment, and strives to build a core competition in the baby clothing industry. Force, with Shenzhen Momi Fashion Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional platform for baby clothing, intensive and refined, long-term development. On how to develop a good baby clothing business, Yan Bingyan pointed out that Yingfeng mother and baby will follow:Long-term and not short-term, normative, not arbitrary, dynamic and not overstocked, multi-brand, not single-brand, globalization, not just the five major directions of China's layout and operation, committed to become respected and trusted, continue to grow and innovate baby boy The leader in the apparel industry.

Momi Fashion Executive General Manager Zou Yang released Momi Fashion 2020 spring and summer strategy, including designer team, fabric development, layout technology, category development, quality improvement, omni-channel fan assets, new SI vision VMD, 2019CBME exhibition, marketing System, retail transformation, Momi fashion technology architecture. Subsequently, the various brands of Montgomery interpreted the future trends and products of children's wear.

The conference invited the exhibition director Cao Kunxiong to share 14 years of exhibition experience and learn three modules: retail thinking upgrade, experiential thinking upgrade, and visual marketing thinking upgrade. Highlight product selling points, use color, image, text, etc. to create impact, attract potential customers' attention, thereby increasing the attractiveness of products and stores, winning from marketing.

This Montgomery release show "Fantastic Ocean Fantasy Ocean" inspired by the magical ocean world, starting from the perspective and imagination of children. The child's true vividness and clothing blend into one without losing his personality. The unique show will pass on the fantasy sea world and happy children's fun to every friend on the scene. It also fully demonstrates the innovation and strength of the multi-brand series of children's wear out of Mongolian Mo Mi, Piggy Pei, Bao'er Beibei and so on.

At the end of the conference, Wu Chunyin, the chief designer of Mengmoomi, who led the brand design team for seven years, thanked the team of designers for their dedication. She said that in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of Momi users, the team can continue to make progress, innovation and breakthroughs, planning to upgrade year by year, product iteration. In the past 7 years, Mommy has maintained high quality, and has never stopped researching and developing fabrics. It maintains 20% annual growth in original flower and flower color research and development.Become the first baby and child out service brand that consumers are loyal and trustworthy, Mengmo Momi has been on the road!

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