Infore Group holds hands with China Development Bank and Shunde Rural Commercial Bank to successfully set up a 1.6 billion syndicate

Released time:2019-07-19Pageviews:6665

In order to support the development of Infore Group, the 1.6 billion syndicate of Infore Group led by CDB Guangdong Branch successfully established and completed the signing formalities in July 2019. The term of the syndicate is scheduled to be 3 years and the interest rate is favorable.

From the perspective of current management, this cooperation has further enhanced the financing ability of Infore Group, enriched the financing methods of enterprises, and reduced the financing cost of enterprises. From the perspective of future development, this cooperation not only reflects CDB as a development finance. The organization's support for environmentally-friendly high-quality enterprises has also strengthened the confidence and determination of Yingfeng Group as a leading private environmental protection company to take root in the environmental protection field and promote the "investment + industry" two-wheel drive strategy.

Guo Lei, President of China Development Bank Guangdong Branch, and Yao Zhenyong, Chairman of Shunde Rural Commercial Bank, visited Infore Group on July 16. He Jianfeng, Chairman and President of Infore Group, and Vice President Zhai Guangxiong participated in the reception and introduced the current operation and future development plan of Infore Group. Guo Lei, president of the Guangdong Branch of China Development Bank, said that he supports the optimization and upgrading of Infore industry, and the environmental protection industry supports the industry. He hopes to further strengthen cooperation in the future. Yao Zhenyong, chairman of Shunde Rural Commercial Bank, also expressed optimistic about the comprehensive strength and development prospects of Infore.

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